QA Monitoring over time

Quality Assurance is one aspect of developing which is most of the time ignored, at best done in 'snapshots'. ObjectLab Financial provides you with a framework whereby QA data are collected over time and allow you to monitor the state and evolution of your project. This is done automatically as part of your build process.

The data is displayed in easy to read charts, for instance the summary level for one category of QA Metrics:

Overview for a QA measure

ObjectLab Financial also offers the ability to drill down to actual class level.

QA history for a class

ObjectLab Financial also created some reports designed to help developers to see the impact of their changes. By using some time segregation, a report could show a developer whether his latest changes have had a impact, negative or positive to the QA metrics. These reports are fully integrated with the QA tools and can be linked right back to the code.

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